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Antistatic is a crisp, uncompromising platform fighter focused on exploring competitive mechanics. Built, animated, and designed by a solo developer, in a bespoke, custom engine.

Inside a crumbling digital world, atomic combatants carry out their programming in an endless series of battles over the remaining shielded landmarks.

  • Online play — join one other player in online matches; online is still early in development, with much more in the works
  • Familiar mechanics — shields, directional influence, lag-canceling, grabs, wavedashing, and more
  • Full GameCube controller support — play with the iconic platform fighter controller using the official adapter
  • 6 characters — all with different play styles, and more planned
  • 10 stage layouts — some staples, and some new

Warning: this website is behind by a few updates. See the Steam page for a more-recent look


bluehexagons is Loren "Terral" Crain, former lead programmer for Air Dash Online, and long-time Melee enthusiast who has competed in countless tournaments for every game in the franchise since 2008. Antistatic has been in the works as a largely part-time endeavor for eight years, starting from the ground up.