Disjointed moves with limitations. Uses down-special to charge moves.


Up - Loop Slash

Side - Memory

Down - Refresh

Neutral - Burn

Refresh and Burn

Every normal move (taps, tilts, aerials, grabs, throws) has some hitbubbles that only activate while it's refreshed. Using a move burns it. All moves are restored whenever Refresh (down-special) is used. Many attacks gain a sweetspot or additional range, like forward-tap or grabs. Some take on new trajectories, like throws.

Each time a move is burned (once per animation between refreshes), the burn counter increases by 1, which is used by Burn (neutral-special). Using Refresh fully resets this counter. A consequence of animations is that moves spanning multiple animations, like forward tilt (e.g. ftilt -> ftilt-up) or tap attacks (f-tap -> charge -> release), count multiple times and can be exploited to quickly reach a given number.