Content monetization

Commercial content including, but not limited to, videos, is absolutely permitted for games by bluehexagons, such as Antistatic.

Antistatic's music is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND. Commercial use is granted when played alongside gameplay footage or other relevant content, i.e. a review, commentary, reaction, critique, etc.

bluehexagons retains the right to revoke this license for anyone at any time.


About the Game

Antistatic is a traditional platform fighting game, developed by a long-time competitive player of the genre. As such, many mechanics will be familiar.

About bluehexagons

bluehexagons is Loren "Terral" Crain, former lead programmer for Air Dash Online, and long-time Melee enthusiast who has competed in countless local tournaments (and easily-counted regionals) for every game in the franchise over the last decade. Antistatic has been in the works as a largely part-time endeavor for seven years, built in a fully-custom bespoke engine.

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